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24th of March

~ Let Go When It Ends ~
I know it’s hard to let go especially when you spent so much time with that one person but things happen for a reason. You have to learn to let go. Change is good; change is good because it can make you stronger or happier. Both outcomes are positive. When you are hurt, you learn from the pain. When you are enjoying your time, you are happy.
It’s hard, no doubt, but are you really going to let that ruin your whole life or years? It’s not worth it because while you might be depressed or upset, that other person, who broke your heart or hurt you, will be enjoying their own time.
Let go. You might think, “I don’t want to forget that person.” You can have a variety of thoughts but the good thing about letting go is that you don’t have to forget. Forgive but don’t forget. Each event in your life is there to shape you into a better person but it is up to you if you want to be good or not. So learn from those heartaches and remember the good times in the sense of “Oh, it was a great time but there will be better times in the future with other people.” Think of it like that and I promise you that it will make a world of a difference.
Don’t text your ex or past lover because that’s not what breaking up means. Breaking up means moving on because that chapter and part of your life is completed for you to move on to bigger and better things as corny and cliché that might sound. Don’t be that person to spread all the bad things that they did because that’s not moving on and you are just showing what kind of character you are by doing that. Don’t overthink. Don’t bring up the past when it is done with and just learn from it. Don’t avenge. Don’t hurt others. Just be happy about your life.
Everything will be okay if you let it be. It’s all with your mentality.
~SLife <3